1:1 Stretching Sessions

Myofascial stretching

Active stretching

The patient provides the power to perform the stretch. It is used to prevent abnormal muscle contracture in the treatment of myofascial pain syndromes as part of the maintenance & rehab process.

Passive stretching

The therapist provides the power to perform the stretch.

P.N.F muscle stretching & can be used in all phases of Myotherapy treatment programs.

The application of PNF requires solid knowledge of how to perform these stretches safely and a cue/awareness of muscle end feel.

Passive stretching is applied with slow sustained force keeping within the range of the joint movement and is then applied at such a speed that the patient is able to prevent it.


  • Reduce abnormal muscle contraction
  • Deviation of myofascial trigger points and taut bands Increase muscle and joint range of motion
  • Increase metabolism in muscles, joints and connective tissue
  • Prevent or reduce muscles adhesions
  • Reduce injuries and muscle/tissue/fascia/ligament/tendon tearing
  • Re aligns collagen fibres in scar tissue
  • Allows the muscle tissue to slide efficiently with fascial connective tissue.

Neural Tissue Stretching:

Neural Tissue Stretching is the direct mobilisation of the nervous system via tension tests on the involved nerves.

Nerve stretching/sliders- is a safe way to stretch the nerve in which is giving pain, discomfort or impacting on another structure.

Benefits of neural stretching/nerve glides:

  • Gently stretches the nerve through the connective tissue that encases it
  • Reduces nerve/neural pain
  • Reduces numbness, tingling and lack of strength due to inflammation /compression/restriction of the nerve
  • Increasing the range of motion of the joints involved
  • Increases neural tissue length
  • Reduces tension in the nerve
  • Reduces the sensitivity of the nerve
  • Prevents atrophy of the muscle by increasing nerve health
  • Frees stuck, pinched or compressed nerve
  • Allowing increased range and movement within the connective tissue & joints involved without pain

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