When I have back pain, What do I do?

A common question I get asked when dealing with a fresh back injury or back pain is…

“What do I do”?
“I was told to take it easy, bed rest and stop strenuous activity but I can’t, I have to work”.

What do I do Mel? Help!!!!!!

My Answer is…DONT STOP. GO LIGHTER and BE AWARE of what’s going on. Where and what causes the pain or how it was done.
Only rest/bed rest for a day or two- intermitted is best because the longer you are immobile/stiff/over protect it, the harder it actually gets to encourage tissue, ligament, nerve and disc healing. It heals better and quicker with movement… The correct movements.

Here is an article that is easy to understand and speaks in the same way.


Remember to KEEP MOVING. Gradual and gently to start – progressively but the RULE is MOVEMENT is best for our MUSCLES, JOINTS and NERVES!

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