Pumpkin Seeds

I came across Pumpkin Seeds Australia today at Flemington Market.

Australia’s first and only pumpkin seed farm in QLD.

A few things to think about smile emoticon with the pumpkin seeds we have in our supermarkets.
– are 100% imported
– usually from Asia
– not actually taken or harvested from inside an actual pumpkin.
– contain less nutrients values then they should.
– are small
– darkish green
– don’t taste like much

PSA are very real and omg delicious!!

– straight from the pumpkin, – – contain more and extra enzymes
– are big
– dark rich green
– taste like a Pistachio nut
– omega 3,6, phytosterols, Vit E
– 49% protein
– higher lvls of minerals

One thing that stood out for me was that, I lOVE eating the seeds from a kent pumpkin (cooked of course) but these are special Styrian variety. Delicious!!!!!

I brought the meal to add to my hemp meal, use it as the main ing for Dukka and I’m very excited to make a flourless choc cake!! Yum!

Get on it! Better health! Be happy!


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