Clinical Myotherapist 

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Mel has been working with her patients to rebuild their muscular, nerve and joint health since 2008.

Her passion for health and well-being began in her early years of high school, when she embarked on gym training at 15 and started researching healthy lifestyles, nourishing foods & mindset, along with studying health and human development. As a very active individual, physical well-being and mental health was her priority and it flows on to impact her patients, family and friends.

In 2010 she graduated from The Southern School of Natural Therapies with a The Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy. This is where all of her previous and new found knowledge and passion for health and fitness all came together.

It was here where she has acquired the skills that now help her patients who suffer from acute and chronic pain.

Something I would like to share with you…

“I have learnt so much from life already. Physically, I have experienced a rare and debilitating muscle eating condition, kidney and liver stress & extensive parasite infection. Mentally, I have experienced sportsman depression and the decreased ability to feel good adrenaline and excitability. Yet my emotional intelligence rapidly grew in order for me to heal and recover. Not only do I value and appreciate life even more so, I’ve also gown to understand to those suffering from mental, physical, and emotional illnesses as a person and practitioner.” ~ Mel